Tony Folden


Tony has an unnatural adulation for 80s sitcoms. In those days, writers had to be inventive. It was a high-wire balancing act on the FCC tightrope. They had to create dialogue clean enough for the kids, but with just the right amount of innuendo for the adults. Tony strives to revive that style of humor, where they adults had to read between the lines and the kids were clueless. 

HORROR HOTEL: Houdini's Hand – Horror/Comedy

Uploaded by Horror Hotel the Webseries on 2014-09-25.

ACTING 101 – Comedy

Jeff is a not-so-successfull acting coach, but after one of his students becomes famous, a reality film crew comes to tape his acting class, but what they find is a bumbling coach and a rag-tag group of performers. 

QUICKIES!!! – Interview

TONY FOLDEN: He's appeared in "Money Power & Respect: The Series," "Swamp Murders" and the award-winning HORROR HOTEL: THE WEBSERIES. Now he's writing his own material. Here's actor/screenwriter Tony Folden!!! Edited by Don Weir of Devil Cat Studios. Created and hosted by Ted Parker.

Dialogue Architect