Tony Folden


Tony has an unnatural adulation for 80s sitcoms. In those days, writers had to be inventive. It was a high-wire balancing act on the FCC tightrope. They had to create dialogue clean enough for the kids, but with just the right amount of innuendo for the adults. Tony strives to revive that style of humor, where they adults had to read between the lines and the kids were clueless. 



Tony Folden has a fond appreciation for the finer television programs of the 80s, including such shows as Three's Comapny, WKRP in Cincinnati, and M*A*S*H. These were the shows from which Tony received his inspiration. He's also a huge fan of Tarantino, Wheddon, and Sorkin. By reading the scripts of these amazing writers, Tony learned the valuable art of dialogue. He considers himself to be what he refers to as a Dialogue Architect, building vibrant scenes using scintillating verbal exchanges.

Tony grew up in a community so small it couldn't even be called a town. He learned the value of a vivid imagination within those small surroundings, creating imaginary friends to keep him entertained. He later used that same imagination, and those friends, to create wonderful imaginary worlds to captivate others.

Tony began writing at an early age, but didn't follow that passion until later in life. In his late 30s, he entered into the field of acting where he discovered the art of screenwriting. He then returned to school to obtain his degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University.

Tony aspires to write for television, but he has not reserved himself to only TV. He plans to expand his talents to the Internet. Whether for a major network or an Internet platform such as Hulu, Tony wants to share his unique style of comedy and old-school sitcom flair with the world.

Dialogue Architect